Returning to claim his rightful throne Pepe The King Prawn, the original Pepe, arrives on the scene. While the Pepe Frog has done well in his absence, it’s time for the real Pepe to takeover once and for all.











Bill is the original creator of Pepe and Bobo and has received nothing from anyone for his creative efforts, especially not any credit. Bill’s a modest guy who has asked for nothing but at the very least deserves some recognition for his creations given the vast extent in which he has inspired and uplifted the international meme culture.

Ever noticed the distinct similarities between The Boy’s Club and The Muppets/Sesame Street? This is where Matt Furie got his inspiration from. We know this, because we were there.

Consult the below images and ask yourself – why is that Pepe The Frog and even Bobo The Bear are shadow banned/hidden on Twitter/X where we are supposedly free from censorship? Something does not add up.

This is because Musk knows the truth when he sees it. And so will you: Open up twitter, click the reply button on any tweet, select gif, then type in “Pepe the frog”


King Prawn Pepe is tired of hearing his name only to have the Frog take credit. The first and original Pepe ever created was actually ten years before Matt drew his first frog.

For too long has Kermit’s twin brother stolen away the real Pepe’s limelight. But finally, brought to you by the dream meme team, the prodigal son has returned to claim his rightful throne.

The Muppets have always been heavily involved in crypto, from Pepe The Frog to Bobo The Bear, they have all at one stage or another all been translated from one to the other. The time for Pepe The King Prawn to return has come.


Wallet Creation

Install Metamask onto your browser for free from or if mobile open the App Store and install any recommend/safe Ethereum wallet of your choice.

Fund Wallet

Send Ethereum (ETH) to your wallet. If you do not have any, you can buy directly from Metamask or any trusted exchange and then send to your wallet.

Launch Uniswap App

Head to on your browser and connect your chosen wallet to the Uniswap. Then paste the $PEPE token CA into Uniswap, select PEPE, then click confirm and sign the wallet signature.

Swap $ETH for $PEPE

Select your desired amount of Ethereum for $PEPE on the Uniswap App and click Swap. Note: there are no taxes of any kind so we recommend setting your slippage to as low as possible pending price volatility.

Token Supply: 100.000.000


Stealth launched with no presale, private sales or taxes, with LP burnt and contract renounced, $PEPE is the only choice for Crypto OGs. Fueled by purely memetic muppet powers, watch closely as the King Prawn himself takes back what’s rightfully his and pushes on to new heights and undiscovered lands.

This launch will be without team tokens, blacklists or reserves for CEXs. This launch will be readily available and accessible to all. Pure, and without manipulation. In the end there can only be one true Pepe; by the community, for the community, and with equal access for all.


Phase 1

Reclaim Pepe The King Prawn’s Original Name/Throne across all platforms.

Phase 2

MEME, HODL, MEME some more, declare warfare on bluechips/normies

Phase 3

Outperform the entire market. Showing the true power of memes while maintaining a true DeFi philosophy

All jokes aside, we’ve done this before and we will do it again.